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Products Liability

New York Products Liability Defense Firm with the Litigation Skills and Knowledge You Need to Protect Your Interests

More than 35 years of experience defending large manufacturers and consumer product companies

Products liability cases are complex and require an in-depth understanding of specific topics such as design and manufacturing for industry and consumers. At the Swartz Law Offices, our New York products liability defense attorney’s reputation for success and decades of litigation experience provide a solid foundation to build strong defense strategies and strive for the results you want. We combine law and engineering in a unique way to ensure your case is carefully analyzed and investigated from different perspectives. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to forging a strong defense. Our New York products liability defense attorney will not rest until you get the vindication you deserve.

Aggressive representation for a wide range of products liability matters

The term “products liability” describes a vast range of legal issues involving all types of industrial and consumer products. Our engineering background enables us to provide high-quality legal advice and guidance for clients dealing with:

  • Industrial products liability – We’ve represented numerous Fortune 500 companies, including manufacturers of machinery, machine tools, power tools and power generating equipment and work hard to protect your reputation and brand integrity.
  • Consumer products liability – We have successfully represented manufacturers of major appliances, furniture and toys.
  • Elevator liability – We have successfully represented major elevator companies, government agencies and building owners defending claims involving elevators, escalators and other forms of vertical transportation in commercial and residential buildings and major airport facilities. We have significant experience with construction and engineering practices and understand what it takes to litigate complex injury cases such as those involving elevator incidents.
  • Construction site injuries – Our New York products liability defense lawyer represents some of the largest construction companies, defending against negligence and liability claims.
  • Engineering products liability – Our engineering expertise in product design and development makes us exceptionally suited to crafting a solid legal defense for any type of products liability claim.

No matter which type of product you produce or the kind of products liability claim brought against your company, you can rest assured that our determined and experienced litigator will fight for as long as it takes to obtain a favorable result.

The legal knowledge and litigation experience required for engineering and construction products liability cases

Many products liability cases involving ordinary consumer products don’t require a significant understanding of the manufacturing process behind the product. However, cases involving large machinery, construction equipment and structural components require careful investigation, industry experts and an enhanced attention to detail in order to be fully understood. Our experience investigating construction site accidents, industrial products liability, and building collapses and explosions is vital to crafting a winning defense strategy. At Swartz Law Offices, our vast client list includes prominent, internationally known companies, and our reputation for success is a testament to our proven capabilities.

Contact a leading New York products liability attorney today for tenacious legal guidance

At Swartz Law Offices, we don’t stop fighting until you get the resolution you want.  Our dynamic legal strategies and trial-tested litigation skills are your best resource for defending against all types of products liability claims. To schedule a consultation, call us at 212-725-7070 or contact us online.

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